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From the design of your Brand Architecture to the generation of market share, MARKETPLACE MIAMI will handle the brand management fundamentals of your portfolio, following the best corporate practices. We will take care of your brand, developing and executing sales and marketing plans in line with your communication strategy and brand positioning.


The strength of our network of distributors and their close relationships with retailers, will translate into the required distribution levels for your products in the correct channels at right cost. By achieving the correct distribution level at the correct channel, your products will be able to generate trial, purchase and repurchase, which will translate into growing market share, and solid Revenue Streams.


In coordination with our Distribution Network, we will conduct a thorough mapping of the market, documented with sales, market share, and demand data. This market mapping, complemented with the development of the correct pricing strategy, will deliver the base to develop the sales and marketing plan for the launch of your products and the generation of distribution and demand of your products.